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Cooking at Home with Pedatha Vegetarian Recipes from a Traditional Andhra Kitchen 4th Print

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Book Information

Published In:2009
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:822 gms
Pages:pp. ix + 87, Illus. (Mostly Col.), Glossary

The Title "Cooking at Home with Pedatha Vegetarian Recipes from a Traditional Andhra Kitchen 4th Print" is written by Jigyasa Giri. This book was published in the year 2009. The ISBN number 8190299301|9788190299305 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. ix + 87 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Pritya. We have about 2 other great books from this publisher. Cooking at Home with Pedatha Vegetarian Recipes from a Traditional Andhra Kitchen 4th Print is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Pratibha Jain tradition revisited; an oral i tradition of an illustrious family, an heirloom preserved from one generation to the next in the face of changing times. Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain take the initiative to record this legacy for posterity.

"After indulging in another soul-satisfying meal at Pedatha's home, we re-crowned her the world's best cook. She smiled indulgently and simply said-'Anyone can cook that, it is so easy to make.' On an impulse, we switched on our laptop, and keyed in the recipe."

The unfolding of this culinary legacy centres around eighty-five-year-old Subhadra Krishna Rau Parigi. Fondly called Pedatha, she was the oldest offspring of former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. V.V. Giri, and Smt. Saraswathi Bai Giri.

This Book is more than a record of some of these traditional, time-tested recipes. Step-by-step guidelines in tempering and cooking, special tips running throughout the book, and a transliteration scheme for the pronunciation of Telugu terms add a distinctive touch. Rendered in stunning aesthetics, the book also gives a peek into the simple presentation of traditional Andhra vegetarian food, as well as the affection and joy which was shared in bridging the gap between the spoken and the written word.

About the Author

Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain-Pritya, Chennai

Jigyasa is a Kathak dancer and choreographer. She teaches at Devaniya, the school of Kathak dance started by her in Chennai. She is married to Pedatha's nephew, V. V. Giri and they have two children, Avani and Arnav.

Pratibha is a translator in the English-Hindi pair. She holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Language from the University of Madras. She is married to Mahendar Chordia and they have a daughter, Manasvi.

Jigyasa and Pratibha are also the authors and publishers of "SUKHAM AYU", a cookbook based on Ayurvedic Insights. This book has been researched at KARE (Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Establishment), Pune.
Cover Design : Envision Communication
Cover Design : Kavitha Shivan


1. Spinach Chutney : Palakoora Pachchadi
2. Brinjal Chutney : Vankaya Pachdhadi
3. Milky Brinjal Chutney : Iguru Pachchadi
4. Melon Cucumber Chutney : Nakka Dhosakaya Pachchadi
5. Cucumber Sweets and Sour Chutney : Theeya Dhisakaya Pulusu Pachchadi
6. Curry Leaf Chutney : Karivepaku Pachchadi
7. Ginger Chutney : Allam Pachchadi
8. Coconut Chutney : Kobbarikaya Pachchadi
9. Onion Chutney : Ullipaya Pachchadi
10. Spicy Carrot Chutney : Carrot Pachchadi
11. Green Gram Chutney : Pesarapappu Pachchadi
12. Raw mango Chutney : Mamidikaya Pachchadi
13. Chutney with Sour Greens : Gongoora Pachdhadi
14. Ripe Red Chilli Pickle : Korivikaram
15. Grated Mango Pickle : Mamidikaya Thokku

1. Sesame Seed Powder : Nuvvulu Podi
2. Powderd Chutney : Podi Chutney
3. Curry Leaf Powder : Karivepaku Podi
4. Coriander Leaf Powder : Kothimeeri Podi
5. Red Gram Powder : Kandhi Podi
6. Brinjal Rice Powder : Vangi Bath Podi
7. Curry Powder : Koora Podi
8. Sambar Powder : Sambar Podi
9. Rasam Powder : Charu Podi

1. Spicy Dal and Vegetable Rice : Bisi Bele Huli
2. Brinjal Rice : Vangi Bath
3. Tangy Tamarind Rice : Pulihora
4. Raw Mango Rice : Mamidikaya Annam
5. Curd (Yogurt) Rice : Dhadhyodhanam

1. Leafy Vegetable Thotakoora Koora
2. Fresh Fenugreek Vegetable : Menthi Koora
3. Banana Stem Vegetable : Aratidhoota Koora
4. Potato With Greens : Bangaladhumpa Koora
5. Brinjal Pasty Vegetable : Vankaya Muddha Koora
6. Broad Beans Vegetable : Peddha Chikkudukaya Koora
7. Mustard Flavoured Vegetable : Ava Pettina Koora
8. Beans With Steamed Gram : Patoli
9. Brinjal Roast : Vankaya Vepudu

1. Red Gram with Spinach : Palakoora Pappu
2. Dal with Banana Stem : Aratidhoota Pappu
3. Green Gram with Ridge Gourd : Beerakayu Pesarapappu
4. Dal with Tomatoes : Tamata Pappu
5. Dal with Tender Tamarind Leaves : Chintha Chiguru Pappu
6. Sambar with Vegetables : Sambar
7. Pepper Flavoured Dal with Vegetables : Pindimiriyam
8. Vegetables in a Sweet and Sour Gravy : Theeyati Pulusu
9. Rasam : Charu
10. Sweet Rasam : Theeyati Charu

1. A Gravy with Yogurt : Majjiga Pulusu
2. Greens In Yogurt : Akukoora Majjiga Pulusu
3. Banana Stem in Spiced Yogurt : Aratidhoota Perugu Pachchadi
4. Fenugreek Flavoured Buttermilk Menthi Majjiga

1. Sweet Pancakes : Bobbatlu
2. Exotic Almond Dessert : Badam Payasam
3. Milk and Gram Dessert : Pesarapappu Payasam
4. Semolina Coconut Balls : Kobbarikaya Ravva Laddu
5. Semolina Fudge : Ravva Kesari
6. Gram Balls : Minapasunni

1. Pumpkin Crispies : Gummadikaya Vadiyalu
2. Beaten Rice Crispies Atukulu Vadiyalu
3. Sun Dried Chillies : Majjiga Mirapakaya