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Armenians in India From the Earliest Times to the Present Day : A Work of Original Research 2nd Reprint Calcutta 1937 Edition



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Publisher:Asian Educational Services
Published In:2005
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:885 gms
Pages:pp. xv + 629, Frontispiece, Appendix

The Title "Armenians in India From the Earliest Times to the Present Day : A Work of Original Research 2nd Reprint Calcutta 1937 Edition" is written by Mesrovb Jacob Seth. This book was published in the year 2005. The ISBN number 8120608127|9788120608122 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xv + 629 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Asian Educational Services. We have about 1739 other great books from this publisher. Armenians in India From the Earliest Times to the Present Day : A Work of Original Research 2nd Reprint Calcutta 1937 Edition is currently Available with us.

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King James ul-Qarnain, an Armenian grandee of the Mogal Court
2. Thomas Khojamall's account of Mirza Zul-Qarnain
3. The Jesuits and Mirza Zul-Qarnain
4. Domingo Pires, the Armenian interpreter at the Court of Akbar
5. Prince John Philip Bourbon at the Court of the Great Mogul his Marriage with an Armenian Lady
6. Captain William Hawkins, an envoy from King James I of England to the Mogul Court. His Marriage with an Armenian Lady at Agra
7. Martyrose's Chapel, the oldest Christian Edifice in India
8. Shah Nazar Khan, an Armenian Krupp in India
9. Old Armenian Inscriptions at Agra, Landmarks of a once-flourishing Colony
10. Colonel Jacob Petrus, for 70 years a Commander of Scindhia's army Major Owen Jacob, a victim of the Indian Mutiny
11. Armenians at Nazwar, and Two Interesting Epitaphs
12. Akbar's Christian wife, Madam Zamani Begum
13. Sarmad, an Armenian poet in India
14. Vestiges of Armenians at Delhi, graves that have Escaped Desecration
15. Armenians at Lahore
16. Armenians at Kabul, a Christian Colony in Afghanistan
17. Armenians at Surat
18. Khojah Phanoos Kalandar, the Eleading Armenian Merchant in India
19. Khojah Krakose, an agent of the Shah of Persia
20. Agah Owenjohn Jacob Gerakh, an Eminent and a Pious Merchant of Surat
21. Armenian Jewellers at Surat, Transaction of a Large Diamond
22. Mrs. Hripsimah Leembruggen, an Armenian Lady Merchant
23. The Last Days 6f the Armenians, at Surat
24. Armenians and the East India Company
25. Armenians at Bombay : An Armenian Doctor who Rose to be Deputy Surgeon-General
26. Armenians at Chinsurah and the second oldest Christian Church in Bengal
27. Armenians at Chandernagore
28. Armenians at Saidabad; Khojah Petrus Arathoon, the "Armenian Petrus"
29. Agah Barsick Arathoon, the Victim of Governor Harry Verelsts' Tyranny
30. Gregore Khojamall and Johanness Rafael, some more Victims of Verelsts's Tyranny
31. Khojah Gregory, alias Gorgin Khan, the Armenian Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of Nawab Mir Kasim of Bengal
32. Armenians as Political Stepping-stones in India Khojah Israel the Merchant-diplomat who secured the "Grand Farman" for the English in 1715
33. The Armenian Church of Nazarath, the oldest place of Christian Worship in Calcutta
34. Agah Catchick Arakiel, a Loyal and an Eminent Armenian Merchant of Calcutta in the Second-half of the 18th Century
35. Agah Moses Catchick Arakiel, a Worthy Son of a worthy Father
36. Armenians and the "Black Hole" of Calcutta
37. The Armenian Philanthropic Academy, founded by Astwasatoor Mooradkhan and Manatsakan Varden in 1821
38. Mesrovb David Thaliadian, Poet, Author, Journalist and Educationist of India
39. Massy Baba John, an Armenian Philanthropist of Calcutta
40. Arratoon Apcar, an Eminent Armenian Merchant of Calcutta Agah Owen John Elias, a pious Armenian benefactor
41. Armenians and the Legal Profession
42. Armenians and the New Constitution of India : The Armenian community's Memorial to the Viceroy
43. Sir Catchick Paul Chater, C.M.G., LL.D., the "Grand Old Man" of Hong Kong : A Great Benefactor of the La Martiniere and the Armenian Church of Calcutta
44. Armenians at Lucknow Mariam Begum Saheba, the Armenian Queen of King Ghazi-ud-din Hyder
45. Armenians at Dacca, the Pioneers of the Jute Trade

46. Armenians at Madras :
i. Khojah Petrus Woskan, a Public Benefactor
ii. Agah Shameer Soolthanoomian an Eminent Merchant, on whom King Heraclius II of Georgia conferred the title of "Prince of Georgia"
iii. Agah Samuel Moorat, a patron of Armenian Learning
iv. Gregory and Seth Sam, founders of the First School at Julfa
v. Rev. Arathoon Shumavon, the father of Armenian Journalism
vi. First Armenian Press at Calcutta
vii. Armenian Governor of Mylapore, who Sent Presents to King Charles II of England
viii. Some Old Armenian Graves at Madras

47. The First Armenian in Southern India :
i. Costand, the Gamaliel of Julfa

48. A glance at the Past and a peep into the Future